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New York, NY 10013

The Federation was founded in 1954 following conferences between the officers of 5 Negro organizations in Federal, State & Municipal agencies in the New York Metropolitan area. Today, the Federation consists of 15 such organizations with a combined membership of 35 thousand.

The Federation is an association of accredited African-American Civil Service Organizations, whose members have pledged themselves to the high principle of true patriotism and to the service of their nation and communities.

  • We promote understanding; friendship and cooperation among affiliate organizations.

  • We support the social and cultural activities of each organization by reciprocation.

  • We offer our members assistance in the attainment of their stated goals, and the achievement of general recognition and acceptance.

  • We assist in the resolution of organization difficulties and problems.

  • We assist in the elevation of the socio-economic level of civil service employees.

  • We support the plans of action of the member organizations and support their designated candidates for positions on higher or policy-making levels.

The Federation has done a masterful job in handling the numerous complaints of racial discrimination it receives annually; going on the merits of each case, it has been instrumental in reversing many decisions, which would have denied justice to an employee. Under its continued prodding and exhortation on the importance of preparation, various types of training programs have been established in the affiliated groups. The achievement on promotion examinations by those having participated in these programs is a source of justifiable pride to the Federation and it affiliates.

Although primarily concerned with advancing the ideals of equality in Civil Service, the Federation is acutely aware that it is vitally effected by, and is a part of the struggle taking place in other areas. Accordingly, we have worked closely with various communities and other groups, such as the NAACP, Urban League, New York State Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc.

We have awarded diligent employees in all sectors of our great nation. The Federation is hopeful that it will be joined in the fight by all Americans who desire this nation to reach its fullest potential in economic advancement and the administration of social justice.

Life Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Golden Heritage Member of the NAACP


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